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How To Plan Your Purchase Of Commercial Lighting Systems For Construction Sites

Several options are available if you are planning to order lights for your construction site. Choosing a lighting system must carefully consider several factors such as the area you want to cover the type of equipment or machinery in use and the strength of your crew. 

You must have a mix of fixed and temporary lighting systems to serve the varying needs of your site.  

These are the options available for you to choose from

Portable Lighting

This type of lighting system is made of lights mounted to a mast arm. It can be moved to various mounting heights. The mast arm is attached to a trailer and towed by a vehicle. These lighting systems should not be aimed directly toward the designated area. It must be aimed downward to prevent direct glare.

Balloon Lighting 

This type of lighting comprises a sizeable balloon-type bulb that illuminates a reasonably large area and provides relatively glare-free light. These lights can be mounted on any slow-moving equipment or portable light towers.

Factory-Installed Lights on Equipment

Light on equipment such as headlights does not usually provide adequate lighting for most work operations. However, they are helpful for workers who need focused light within a specific area. If the work area is mobile, the lighting can be used effectively while moving from one place to another. 

Balloon lighting is temporary lighting that can help illuminate large areas without the usual glare and shadows synonymous with light towers. They can be used in nearly all types of situations on a construction site, making them versatile and of high value.

The most popular choice in streamer lights for owners and workers is the LED lighting option. LED lighting is highly durable and can last for a long. They are less expensive than most other lighting solutions for commercial needs, including metal halides. 

Placement of Lighting

When you have chosen an appropriate lighting system for your construction site, the next important thing to do is place them appropriately for an effective outcome. You can consult a commercial lighting expert if unsure how to do it right. They can devise the best lighting arrangement for your site based on your input and workplace lighting demands.

Once the lighting plan is installed and activated, test the light for performance and illumination efficiency. Use a vantage point to do the checking. Make sure that the glare is appropriately controlled while making the final settings. 

Once the field check is completed and you have reviewed the workspace, make minor adjustments if necessary. The modifications or adjustments should be implemented based on staff input and expert advice.  

Vendor choice is one of the most critical steps in planning the lighting scheme for your construction site. You must ensure that the lighting system you plan to invest in is of the best quality. You must also get a competitive quote to make the process affordable for your company. Duraline is a name that stands apart in the commercial lighting solutions domain. You can get the finest and most durable products at the best prices here.

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